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My name is Jack Shreves (aka CraftyJack) owner of JacksCrafts.com. I was born in Muncie Indiana, you can see more about my home town here. That is a picture of me and a former co-worker on Halloween (2015). I was the sheriff that day. I am now retired from the Defense Commissary in Indianapolis, Indiana. I retired a little early so I could devote all my time to making things.

I enjoy making personalized handmade gifts for people. My style is definitely vintage and rustic,
I try to make things look old and antique -ish. For about 20 years I have been mounting printed signs and posters onto wood. But more recently I have gotten into CNC carvings and engravings on wood. I found that these CNC  machines ran into many thousands of dollars to buy so I learned how to build my own from scratch.  The one  I made will carve a piece over 4 ft. wide by 2 ft. tall.

My Shop is my home.

My niece Erin (aka SuperGirl) and I have teamed up in our Crafting Adventure. She brings a lot to the table, well this next picture shows where my dining room table used to be.

I do use modern technology like printers and electric routers to make my artwork, but I also use old school stuff like hand rubbed stains and sandpaper to treat the wood projects and I use an old fashioned candle to hand burn the paper borders.

Most of the CNC engravings we do take an hour to 2 hours just to do the carving, but it is worth it. We have received so many nice comments from customers it makes it all worthwhile. 

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Jack & Erin

jack and erin at the sale 05 04 2017

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