Native American Southwestern Style Family Name Western Arrow Clock with Old Native American Indian Symbols

My arrow clock is a piece I did with some meaning to it and is dedicated to a famous Native American Will Rogers. You can add your own family name and Est. date or leave it with Rogers and his birth date.

This piece starts out with the arrow clock face, the Arrows give you direction and represent the tugs back and forth a family will endure throughout time.

The Sun in the center will always be there to shine over us all and provide growth, strength and direction. The sun was revered by the Indians as the provider of light, heat, the facilitator of crops and represented growth. And the rays of the sun also signified the directions, North, South, East and West.

Then you add your Family name which is followed by the teepee people who represent family and togetherness.
Under the Teepee people symbol is your Est. date.

Then on either side of the date I added two popular symbols.
Konei is a hummingbird spirit she provides wisdom and awareness. The hummingbird symbolizes Love, Beauty, Intelligence. It is a spirit messenger and stopper of time.

And then Jackoray a most powerful spirit who invokes joy and harmony to those who will join in the dance of the natural world.

I include a legend of the symbols on the inside of the greeting card.

This sample is dedicated to Famous Native American Will Rogers.
Born William Peen Adair Rogers, a Cherokee-Cowboy, “Will” became best known as an actor, a Vaudevillian, a philanthropist, a social commentator, a comedian, and a presidential candidate. Known as Oklahoma’s favorite son, Rogers was born to a well-respected Native American Territory family and learned to ride horses and use a lasso/lariat so well that he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for throwing three ropes at once—one around the neck of a horse, another around the rider, and a third around all four legs of the horse. He ultimately traveled around the world several times, made 71 films (50 silent and 21 “talkies”), wrote more than 4,000 nationally-syndicated newspaper columns, and became a world-famous figure. He died in a plane crash in 1935

I do give this piece a nice distressed look and I stain it heavily with Sadona Red and then remove a lot of it back off with sanding.

The size is about 15 inches tall by 9 inches wide. And is engraved out of 3/4 inch solid pine wood. The clock and clock hands are made in the USA. I use a stiff bailing wire for hanging which is somewhat adjustable.

You may choose to include a free greeting card too. Just tell me the message you would like to convey while ordering. You can add it to the personalize section, put it in a conversation or just use the contact link. My cards are full size (non-glossy) and include an envelope. I always try to make my cards match the gift in some way.

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