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Cannabis  Stocks

Many people seem to believe the cannabis play is over. And it may very well be. But some companies will survive. I think $TLRY is one of those. With the entire United States about to allow recreational marihuana, this may bring in a whole new batch of Pot producers. After all the U.S. will be Munchie Madness.

$TLRY approved the APHA deal 04/30/2021 which gives the combined companies  presence in the United States.

I have been buying a little bit of TLRY, averaging down from $21.08. And I own some SNDL average cost $1.02 Which I would like to see run up to 1.50.

Here is a Micro Cannabis Stock I own. BC Crafts Supply Co. They are an OTC stock with the Ticker symbol $CRFTF. They are a British Colombia company and I bought my shares on Fidelity free with zero commission fees. One of their products is called “Earth Dragon“, I love that name.

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Food for Thought

Munchies that give you the Munchies

In the future we are going to need huge plantations growing pot plants to satisfy the American appetite. I’m afraid Canadian green houses are not going to be able to keep up with demand. And really is it the best location in the world for high quality Pot?  “You are my sunshine. you make me happy”. 

When I was a kid Hawaiian Pot was the Elite doobie to have followed by Columbian Gold and lastly U.S. Home Grown. And a Dime Bag was as big as a box of Kellogg’s cereal. I do believe Naturally grown in real sunlight will be “Far Out Man”…

Well after seeing how streamlined these green houses are with all the robotics, it may be the best way to go with all the savings on man power. Protected plantings grown with controlled precision and artificial sunlight may be the only future for crops on Earth. And plantations will be stacked inside high rise buildings.

I think the companies that can produce good quality oil Extracts will be big winners in the Cannabis Arena. Just think when Betty Crocker starts to offer home baked “Mary Jane Brownies” how they will fly off the shelf. And I think these kinds of products will be in need of the essential extracts

Betty Crocker’s Home Baked “Mary Jane’s Brownies”

Can you imagine at your next dinner party, serving up for desert, a plate of MJ brownie with a scoop of Hemp Ice Cream topped with Crazy Joe’s Green Chocolate Sauce.
Hmm… I may deserve a Tokin Token for this idea.

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Pot Ape Cannabis Token 01

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Pot Head Cannabis Token 03

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Here is a list of Cannabis stocks & ETF's

Here is my Pot Stock Watchlist, I named it “Potters Field”

Some of these stocks I have traded and some I have not. I like to keep a watch on this sector. You may find some you want to trade or you may want to invest. Check them out and do your due diligence. TLRY is the largest cannabis stock in the world BTW. 

Canada Federal Laws

The Federal Cannabis Act allows Canadians 18 years of age and over to purchase and use cannabis. But the age limit is 19 most places with Quebec at Age 21. So if you are headed to the Yukon looking for Gold…

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