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A little about my hometown - Muncie IN

I grew up knowing that our city was named after Chief Munsee, turns out a lot of people were wrong. The Lenape Native Americans deemed our city Wapicamikunk. Although, early settlers referred to it as Munsee Town, named after the dialect of the Lenape Native Americans who spoke Munsee. The Muncie we call home was born in 1865 when Munsee Town became the City of Muncie.

Ball Jars – how many arts and craft projects would not exist without us?

With the Gas Boom came the Ball Brothers, a family rooted at the heart of Muncie’s development. The Ball Brothers are known for bringing Ball Corporation to Muncie, Indiana. When you think of canning jars you have to think of us.

sunflower ball jar
cardinal greenways

62 Miles of Bike trail

Cardinal Greenways is part of the largest biking trail in Indiana. It is 62 miles long and runs from Marion to Richmond Indiana.


Ball State University

The heart of our small city is Ball State

Propelled by an innovative, immersive approach to education and guided by clear and enduring values, Ball State University is on the minds and in the hearts of every potential student, elected official, and community leader


The Arts

You can visit Cornerstone Arts  here.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts offers a great learning experience for anyone interested in the arts. Classes are taught by knowledgeable teachers in a variety of categories, including, dance, visual arts, music, fitness, theatre, writing and much more! Private lessons and one-time workshops are also available.


Now that's Entertainment

Muncie Civic Center was founded in 1931 and  is one of the oldest civic theatres in the state and is located in one of the oldest theaters in the country. The Muncie Civic Theatre Association was started by William H. Ball who served as board president for the first decade of the theatre’s existence.


For the realy big shoooooow...

Emens Auditorium  is located on the Ball State campus.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming performances and events add yourself to their mailing list.

Save the bees

It is for grown ups too.

Their mission is to provide fun through educational and interactive opportunities for children of all ages in a safe and creative environment.

To plan your visit got to the Muncie Children’s Museum  page here.

Muncie Model Museum

Muncie Model Aviation Museum

Up up and away in my beautiful balloon. They hold annual balloon races at the National Model – Aviation museum. You can visit their Facebook page Here.

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