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Get started mining crypto on your PC using your Graphics Card or build your very own rig. It is easier than you may think.

You will just need 2 things to get started Mining Crypto Currency. A miner and a place to send the coins to.

To get up and running

 Just go download a miner like TRex and Edit the text file (Batch File) to have your  wallet address.
Right click the text file and hit Run As Administrator . That is it you are now mining for coin.

Example file– it will end in .bat instead of .txt. Use NotePad NOT WordPad.

t-rex.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://stratum.ravenminer.com:3838 -u RGtxHbiGGTkwoa5nqCsQ2ZpeuZVtrzCn8K -p x -w JacksBigRig 

In This File above you can see t-rex is the program used, kawpow is the Algo for Ravencoin, stratum is the mining pool used, after the -u is for YOUR Wallet Address, p has the password “X” and the -w is for a Name Tag for your Rig i.e. JacksPC1, JacksPC2, JacksRig1 or Jacks3060TI… Pause just tells it to restart.

Yes it is that easy to get started Mining Crypto Currency

Here is a tool box you should have on hand.  They are all free to use. I like to use NiceHash.com. I can monitor all my rigs from one location and they auto convert which ever coins I mine into Bitcoin (BTC) every 4 hours.

Crypto Miner's Toolbox

It is easy to make your own rig out of wood. Save Money

Here is the Mining Rig parts list for 6 or 8 GPU’s
 What you will need:

Cut some Wood Strips
5 — 1×2 — 30″ for the width of the Rig 6-8 GPU’s
9 — 1×2 — 14.50″ for the depth
4 — 1×2 — 15″ for the height
1 — 1×4 — 30″ — platform to rest the GPU’s on

Some screws — I use the black drywall screws. Course #8 1.5/8th long . Buy the 1 LB. box.
I like my rigs kind of roomy and airy. You could make this 24″ wide and still fit 6 gpu’s in there nicely. But my 30″ model houses the Motherboard, 1 ATX psu and 2 Server psu’s.

You can pick up some 8 Foot 1×2″s at Menard’s or Lowes and just cut them down to size. 

Me? I have a table saw so I just grab what ever I have on hand. 1×4 1×6 or 1×8″s and cut them all down to 30 inches,
and then just rip away until I have twelve (12) 30 inch pieces (about 2 inch strips). Then I cut 7 of  those in half  (about 15″ ) . That just leaves the platform piece to cut. Note you will have 1 extra 15 inch piece left over, I use it to support the ATX PSU.


MikesUnBoxing on Youtube has the best deal you will find for an OEM Windows 10 Key. Since you are building or re-building your PC / Mining Rig, you are considered to be manufacturing a unit. Therefore it is acceptable to Microsoft to use a OEM license. 

Please use the coupon/promo code MIKESUNBOXING
You will get a discount and Mike will get a credit. the Site to buy the key is Premiumcdkeys.com.

Best Tip: Install windows first as an offline account. Then go into windows and hit Change Product Key, enter the key they Emailed you and click Activate. There is no need to create a Microsoft Account. 


Link Zone

Want to make some interest on your Stable Coins


You can make 8% – 9% interest compounded monthly or even weekly with a stablecoin like USDC.

Exodus Wallet - Highly rated and it is free.

When you have some coin built up you can do what you want with them. Leave them on Exodus for long term holding,   or send them to Binance U.S. or Kraken, wherever. I send them to my Coinbase Account and when needed I exchange the bitcoin for cash and transfer it to my checking account for free.

It makes no sense to leave your money in the Nicehash wallet. Either send it to an exchange to put it to work or send it to your own wallet for secure storage. I personally withdraw my bitcoin from Nicehash every 2 Days.

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