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Attention Fidelity Investment bankers.

Fidelity top Dog buttonYou already have an excellent reputation as old investment bankers. Now is the time to be known for trading. 

Todays younger investors are Iconic. They see symbols in every thing they do.

You need a catchy Icon with a catchy name. FIDO can give you both.
It ties into the Fidelity name perfectly. Fidelity Investments Diverse Opportunities.
The icon could be many things too, not just a paw print. It could be a ticker name with a Candlestick drawn in,  a hound dog with a Fido collar or even a fat cat named Fido. Or maybe a choice of all of the above. People do like to have a choice here and there.

Fidelity Investments Diverse Opportunities buttons 05 01 2021


Hell you may even want to start a FIDO ETF for pet lovers. How’s that for a catchy ticker?

Come on get with the program. You need to hire a younger group to develop a platform for todays younger investors. One built from the ground up. One that encompasses all you have to offer.

You should offer:
Multi Monitor with Multi Grid layouts. This ATP that I am using is not very stable. The windows float around randomly, and I find it very irritating. So I think the platform was not originally designed for multiple monitors.

You are getting some of the younger crowd now with the Robinhood exodus, but that is by accident not reputation. And I hear a lot of complaints like why don’t they have VWOP on their charts. Or why should I have to leave ATP and log into the website because I choose to buy a fractional share of Amazon. That is not the kind of chat you want to hear in Reddit. 

And the younger crowd seems to like the opportunity to paper trade. So why not offer it with a little fun added to it using FI-Dough. And allow folks to achieve certificates for reaching goals like 125% portfolios, or offering FIDO coins to contest winners.

The young investor is tomorrows investor. You need to catch their eye to catch their attention, and then give them the technology of today.

I am offering you my idea of FIDO, because it is catchy, and quite brilliantly diverse.

Below you will find some suggestions for the use of the FIDO name

The FIDO Platform is for the next generation of stock and options traders.

Trading Platform built from the ground up for todays traders. With top notch trade executions.
— Unlimited Multi-Grid layouts. Add a new grid for each monitor you use. 6 monitors uses 6 grids. Each grid has single/multi pane.

— Sticky color coded Watch Lists. You can assign a color choice to any watch list and when you click on a ticker in that watch list it will show on any windows you have set to that color. 

— Choose your own theme color with a color picker. So you are not limited to the standards light or dark or blue.

— Tick ON / Tick OFF after hours trading in the favorites tool bar

Fidelity Investments Diverse  Opportunities


Cell Phone App  for IOS and Android
Equally powerful apps for those on the go. 

At Work or Play, on Vacation or even stuck in traffic, you are ready with
FIDO On-The-Go

Fidelity Investments Diverse  Opportunities

FIDO-Dough - a little paper training never hurts.

FI-Dough paper trades with up to $1,000,000.00 You choose your starting amount. $1K upto $1M

Need to start off with a little paper training. Well this dog can hunt. 

You may already be a Golden Retriever or a Pup just starting out.

You are welcome to test out your best Options trades first with paper trading before you dive into the real money.
Or see what it is like to day trade a super hot stock.

Doggy Treats

Virtual Certificates awarded to achievers with portfolios of 125%. 150% and 200%
(NOTE: Fi-Dough accounts under 50% will be flagged “In The Doghouse“)

Monthly contest where the top 100 performers will be awarded a FIDO coin. The coins on one side it says FIDO and the other side it says Paper Trained.
Contest participants limited to one per household. 

Virtual Bones awarded to top achiever. 

When you reach elite levels in your FI-Dough account you will be given a special link to show off your Elite status. You can place this link in your favorite sites like Reddit, Twitter of Facebook page.

$2  Million DOG Tag – Green
$5  Million DOG Tag – Silver
$10 Million DOG Tag – Gold
Once you reach each goal you can Request you FREE dog tag online.

Fidelity top Dog buttonFIDO Mascot
Choose from over 250 Avatars or submit your own. One out of the 10 most popular Avatars will be next years mascot.

FIDO Dough 02

FIDO - FRAC - build your portfolio over time.

Create your own Mutual Fund by dollar cost averaging into a position with fractional share purchases.

You can assign your Fido-Frac to a sub account to keep it separate from your trading account.

You can purchase fractional shares of your favorite stocks like Apple or Amazon. 

Buy $10.00 worth of APPL this month and next month you may want to buy $100.00 worth. And the 3rd month $0.00
You choose how much and when to get in and when to get out.

Perfect solution for long term investing. Not every body has the time to watch the stock market on a daily basis. And with fractional shares you can buy the stocks you really want.

— Create a diverse custodial account for the Grandkids
— Start an account for your Kids College fund

This is a tried and true method for investing in the long term

FIDO Fractional Share Buying

FIDO - Coin

Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Trade Crypto with Fidelity Investments Diverse Opportunities

Trade Crypto with Fidelity Investments Diverse Opportunities

FIDO - DIG Research

Dig into the best Research tools available.

Due diligence is the key to choosing the right investment for you. 

Go ahead and dig a little deeper. Sniff out the ones that don’t quite smell right.

Ask yourself questions like: Does AYRO with 15 employees and a warehouse really justify having a 200 million dollar market cap?

FIDO DIG Research



Exchange Traded Fund for Pet Lovers

All positions are pet related

From bio techs to vets to Walmart and Petco. If you have an itch for the pet industry, you may find this ETF soothing.

Would you like a little Gravy Train with that?

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A chat box for funded account holders

A place to swap trade ideas.

FIDO Favicon

I even made a FIDO favicon. Just look up at the top title bar. There is no longer a need for a phallic symbol like Spire or a Mountain Top.
When everyone can relate to the Paw Print.
Just click on this picture to see which symbol catches your eye first.

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FIDO is Fidelity Investments Diverse Opportunities

Fidelity Investments Drive Opportunity

Fidelity Investments Defines Opportunity

Fidelity Investments Delivers Opportunity

Fidelity Investments Direct Opportunities

Fidelity Investments Decision-Tech Optimized

A brilliant idea by Jack Shreves

email offers to

Addresses strategic and operational business issues

Thank you for your attention.