Fireplace for Amazon Alexa HD8 Tablet

This holiday centerpiece fireplace for Alexa may be the perfect gift for anyone. It is great for entertaining family and friends, dinner guests, special occasions or just you.

I love playing Christmas music and being able to read the words to the songs. And I light a couple of candles for a little extra warmth while watching the fire burn and hearing the crackle of embers popping, it is so cozy, it takes me back to my childhood.

I think my Fire Place looks very nice with a Family name and established Year carved on the front, but it does not have to be a name. For instance, my brother ordered a fireplace for his son. They asked for me to incorporate an emblem from their wedding on the project. So, I took the graphic of a Celtic Lotus blossom and turned it into a 3D image then carved that into either side of the name plate.

Your HD tablet slides in from the left or right. You can leave it plugged in while watching the fire burn to charge or unplugged while entertaining.

I do make the hearth entrance 2 different sizes, one for the HD 8-inch tablet and one for the HD 7-inch tablet. I did this partly because I want the forward-facing camera to be available for Alexa’s Drop In service (Video Phone Calls).

For video demos you can visit my website JacksCrafts and click on Fireplace.

The overall size is about 9.25 inches tall by 12 inches wide. And is carved out of 3/4 inch solid pine wood. And I add my Logo and date on the bottom.

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