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Find out how to see it before you buy it. Help with ordering. How to replace quartz a clock mechanism. How to care for and hang your sign or plaque.

How to See it before you Buy it.

Easy Pre-sy Form

Coming Soon

…working on it.

Here you can see what I can send you ahead of time. Notice the simulation will look different from the finished product.

Just Contact Me and I will try to have you a design in 24 Hrs.

Just email me by using the contact form and let me know what you have in mind and I will send you a picture of how your clock or sign will look before you buy. That way you will know for sure of the spelling and that the dates are correct.

This is a good thing for me too. I like to know that we are on the same page before I start making your project. Sometimes it is not perfectly clear to me just how you want things when ordering.

The Henderson’s – The Henderson Family – Henderson Family

Knowing ahead of time can speed things up.

How to create your personalized sign or plaque while ordering.

It is very easy.

When you see the item you like in the CraftShop catalog just click on it.

There may be several options to choose from drop down selectors. For instance there may be a choice of how many key/cup hooks you would like on your sign or you may want to add a signature line on your Greeting card.

On the product page you will see 1 or 2 or even several fields. Just go thru them one at a time.

  1. Change Name:
  2. Change Caption:
  3. Establish Date
  4. Greeting Card Yes or No?
  5. Front of Card
  6. Inside of Card
  7. Do You want hooks?

1 Change Name- Family Name -Main Title

Just type the name you want in the box. I will replace your name with the name you see in the picture. If the sign reads Mom’s Kitchen and you type Carol I will change it to read “Carol’s Kitchen”.

Notice when you use an apostrophe you May see a SLASH before it, that is normal.

Or if you type Carols Kitchenette I will make it exactly as you ask, I will not add the apostrophe.

2 Change Caption Usually you do not want to change the caption, but if you have your own special saying just type that in Change Caption box and I will put that EXACTLY as you want on your sign. I may need to change the font or look of the lettering, this depends on what you write sometimes.

Then click add to Cart.

If you do not want any change then leave/add the words No Change in the box.

For instance:

If the sign says Mom’s Bake Shop and that is what you want then type the words NO CHANGE in the box

See screen shots:

Replace your Clock Mechanism

If you ever need to replace your clock mechanism this may help you with assembly of your american made or china made quartz clock. I like to use a rubber washer between the clock mechanism and the clock face, but it is not required. If you do not want a second hand I will put a CAP nut on to cover the shaft hole (American Made only).

Tip: I drilled a hole in the end of a piece of dowel rod and use that to push the clock hands on. This keeps even pressure all the way around. 

All my clocks use one “AA” battery.

American Made how to assemble quartz clock
china made how to assemble quartz clock

How to care for your custom signs and plaques.

Hang your gift properly.

Do not hang printed signs in direct sunlight.

For outdoor signs / plaques I recommend my Carved Engraved pieces.

For signs with Hooks, it is best to hand on 2 screws/nails about 6 inches apart – this will prevent the sign from tilting while hanging your keys or utensils. It is best to attach signs to a solid surface/stud, if you are handing on drywall please use anchors to hold your screws in place.

Care for ...

Dust with a damp cloth periodically. All my pieces are coated with either oil based or water based finishes. I put 3 or 4 coats on all of our wood projects which should last for many years indoors. For outdoor signs or plaques like house number signs you should take them down and spray a fresh coat of poly urethane or poly acrylic (outdoors) every 2 years. I personally do not because the more weathered the look the more I like it. 

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