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I made my own processor to use in VCarve.  It is a nice simple program for Do It Yourself CNC users like me who built their own CNC router.  The generic g-code processors on ArtCam and VCarve / Vectric Aspire did not have the tool notes on the top. And since I do not have a tool changer ( ATC ) I did not see the since in using other post processors that had the extra stuff I did not need. 

I made one for Inches and one for MM with arcs. I set the file extension to .nc but I can change it to .tap (Mack3/4) if you want.  I use an Arduino GRBL machine with NetBeans ( Universal G-Code Sender )  Click the thumbnail to enlarge.

I own the copyright to this program but you are welcome to use if for free for your own personal use. Use this at your own risk – so make sure you test it with a dry run before trying it out on an actual project. 

Here are some links:

Go to GRBL and click on the clone tab https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki

Go to gethub to get UGS. I like the nightly build myself.


NotePad++ is a nice free editor for your gcode


Prusa has some calcualtors for setting your resolutions. https://www.prusaprinters.org/calculator/

Adding a Zero or Corner Touch Plate with CNC Shield

cnc shield diagram for probe A5

If you are using a CNC  shield on an Arduino UNO  you may wonder why everyone tells you to use the A5 pin on the arduino when it is covered up by the shield.

This diagram of the CNC shield shows where the A5 pin connects the 2 together. So you use the 1st and 3rd pin. Dupont connectors are used, where you see the red and green dot on this diagram. The blue dot (I believe) can be used to run an indicator light.

DIY and save big bucks.

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