Jacks Crafts Crash DEC 2017

Website Crash - In early December just before the Christmas Rush

I am calling it a blessing in disguise. My website host apparently decided to go out of business but did not notify me. I think this was around Dec 7th.

Thank God for Amazon because I would not have gotten any orders for the season without them. You would think it would be a simple thing to just move to another host.  My nightmare just begun.

With EHost I was able to go to my C-Panel and backup my site. When I got to there front page they were suggesting I try a sister site, I had been happy with them (I signed up for 3 years and had almost a year left) so I thought I would try it, it was called IPage, they also offered 3 years at 1.99 month so why not it was cheap and I was in a hurry.

You get what you pay for.

I signed up for 3 years but I had to buy a new SSL security certificate, they had it on sale for 19.95, it was at half price, so OK. They sent my sign up info which clearly said JacksCrafts.com just as I typed it. It was also my user name jackscraftscom that they created for me. 

So I went to C-Panel and transferred my website over, I am getting pumped up because I want to learn how to do this stuff right, learn how to get more visitors to my site. Website promotion is my worst suit, and if you don’t have a cousin that works at google you are screwed. I even tried buying ads on google thinking that would help me get seen, but all that got me was a bunch of people from the Ukraine with AOL email address creating accounts and never even visiting any of my pages. They call it link farms. And I told google that I only wanted clicks from the U.S. This was a couple of months ago, I knew then that I need to learn how to get seen on the internet.

Who in the HELL has a dam AOL email address any more?

So anyway back to IPage who said they have a 30 day money back guarantee. It took about a week of frustration to start begging for my money back. Like I said I uploaded my site, but I can not see any of it because my domain has to be transferred over to their name servers. I tried to do it over and over and it should just be a click of a button.

Help desk – give a few hours.

Help desk – it takes 24-48 hours

Help desk -what is your username A: jackscraftscom Help desk now what is your mothers maiden name? Why I did not give it to you as a security question? What is your mothers maiden name? Why are you asking for my personal information? I gave me favorite pets name as a security Answer. Help desk I need it anyway. FINE I told her my mom’s name. Help desk – well I do not see anything wrong with https:// straitandlamp.com.

What the hell is that?

Help desk – we will need an EPP code.

So I had to go to EHost to get the code. I imput the code

Help desk I put in the code now  what? Help desk – you have to wait 5 days for transfer.

But somehow my nameservers got changed to ipage’s servers on Whois at JacksCrafts.com

Then I discovered that why I was having trouble to start with was that someone at IPage had input my domain name as jackscrafs.com and had left the ” T ” out and that got appended to my SSL certificate. 

Help desk my domain is spelled wrong. Help desk – sorry you are stuck with it and you will have to buy a new certificate at Full price (which is 40.00). 

So then I start learning about certificates. I saw a bunch of places selling them for 5.99. But IPage does not allow you to use those. While most web host do allow you to create the codes you need now.

So I started demanding my money back.

Help desk – I want a refund. Help desk – you can not get a refund because you already useded (and yes they said useded) the service.

But you have a money back guarantee. Sorry. But you guarantee it.

3 days later they said they would refund the 19.95. Hell they could not activate it because the dam site did not even exist. Then about a day later they finally said they would refund my money, after I told them I have already moved to another host called NameCheap.

This new host charged 1.99 for the certificate but then they charged me a 9.95 transfer fee. Still cheaper. Their servers seem to be rather slow but at least it works. 

I have been learning all I can about optimizing Java Scripts, CSS and images. Google insights is the hardest to pass, I get good scores with https://tools.pingdom.com/ and https://gtmetrix.com/ but googles https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ is very hard to pass and let’s face it google is everything kind of like AOL was a hundred years ago.

I can’t get my shopping cart back exactly like it used to work, maybe it has been broke for a while and I just did not know it. 

I am really liking the new look of the website. I am using Hestia a theme from ThemeIsle and a plugin called Elementor which is the bomb for editing pages. And these are helping make the pages much better for cell phones.

So in the long run I am ending up with a better site to start the new year off right.

Thanks for listening to me rant on, I really needed to vent.


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  1. I finally figured out what was wrong with my shopping cart. I had Java Script deffer set for Google insights but Woocommerce did not like that at all. So now my Amazon Pay button comes up on all browsers . Even Chrome which was the only one that had trouble with it any way.

    Go figure, Google is the one who says you must minify and defer all your codes and when you do, it makes them not work correctly on their own dam browser.

    Any way I am loving the new site look and feel. And viewing it on a cell phone is 10 x better. Woo Hoo!

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