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OK Joe here we Go Feb 2020

If you prefer TEXT it is fine with me. I can view them on my PC now which makes it real easy for me. I do not care for typing on a cell phone. I have Google Voice and Email now and it is really nice. If someone leaves a phone message it automatically translates into text, and it forwards calls to my cell phone as well as rings into my home phone. 

jackscrafts2@gmail.com or jack@jackscrafts.com

Text or Voicemail: 765 396 0066

I got your Email:

You need 5 Carved Key Chains.


And 2 Blanks

I found an old Email- it said you wanted the Font – Goudy Old Style. So I will use that unless you tell me otherwise. I believe I painted down into the letters with cobalt Blue last time. Let me know if you want different colors.

Also I think you got the “L” shaped hooks and not the Cup Hooks. I have plenty of both on hand.

You can see a picture in the box below. I am not quite finished yet.

Here is a link to Amazon for purchase.


key chain samples
Betty Boop Oop A Doop Valentine Card
Eagle Home
Betty Boop Valentine Card A
Eagle Home
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Howdy Joe

Amazon Private Link for purchase https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H1ZKNHQ/

Update 09/02/2018

I started making the Batista sign so you can see how it will look. I am making some keychains too in case you want to choose a font or color of the text.

I will add pics as I go.

The fonts on these keychains are:
Annette = Hoedown
Anthony = Harington
Sthefany = Goudy-Oldstyle

Hi Joe,

Here is what I designed for you. I added a hen like you suggested.

You can click on the thumbnails to see a bigger pic.

Let me know what you think.


8/30/18- On the keyrings I carve both sides, so I was thinking you might want to put “Chick” for the girls and “Rooster” for the guys.

Side A – Jose Side B – Rooster

Side A – Annette Side B – Chick


Hi Joe,

Rooster1 10 key holder 17.95

Rooster2 10 key holder 17.95

20 carved wood key chains reg 5.99 for 4.00 each 80.00

Bottle opener with cap catcher 29.95

Subtotal 145.85

Plus shipping $25.00

Grand Total $170.85

I do not know what state you live in. If it is CA OR or WA I would have to charge more.

Otherwise I will pay the difference. Amazon makes us charge the same shipping charge no matter where you are in lower 48.

So it is hard to guess the real amount. I need the weight and sizes.


I think this eagle would look good on the bottle opener.

Hey Joe – 09/01/2018

My carved Roosters just aren’t coming out the way I thought they would. I will have to stick these guys on the back burner for now. The first one I tried was the smaller version, I tried to make more colorful and it looked worse than this one whick is a couple of inches taller.  I think there is just to much fine detail in it. This one takes an hour to carve. The other one (the one I use in the printed signs) takes 2 hours just to carve the rooster so I am sure it will have way too much detail.

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