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Adding an aftermarket radio to my 9th Gen Chevrolet 2006 - 2013 (2011) Impala

My car is about 10 years old now so I thought I would give it an update. Decided I would like to add a back up camera.

I found it kind of frustrating trying to find out everything you need to know. You can’t just buy a radio-and-go anymore. Some things are manufacturer specific. So GM Lan will not work on Ford. That is why we have to get the extra harnesses for these Android Stereos.  

I broke this page up into a few sections:

  • Intro
  • Adding a Back Up Camera
  • Some wiring diagrams
  • Some reasons to Upgrade your Stereo 
  • Installing a PAC Steering Wheel Control
  • Adding a main Harness with Warning Chimes, Turn Signal Sound and Left Key in Ignition bells.

1st you buy a stereo. I think the standard 7 inch will give you that factory look.
But I ended up with a 10 inch over sized Android Model.
And then you need a harness that will give you back sound for your door chimes and turn signals.
And you may need to buy a mounting frame to fit around the radio.
And you will have to get an antenna adaptor.
And I added a PAC SWI-RC-1  ( Not the SWI RC ) for the steering wheel controls. It is Universal, and works on over 3000 cars.

You can read my post on the Impala Forum Here 

On this page I have included some installation help. It is kind of easy once you understand what goes where.

Here ( just below) is my own video of the License plate bracket I made for my Back up camera. I felt this method was better and easier than drilling camera mounting holes directly into the car.  I still drilled a 1/2″ hole for the wires to get into the trunk area.
If you want to make a wooden camera license plate mount, you need to make your holes 7″ inches apart and I used a 5/16th inch bit.
I did CNC carve mine out of a 9″ piece of Oak trim.
Update: This wood mount was a nice idea but I did not like the shadow cast by camera at night. You could not hardly see the middle of the plate. So I bought a flush mount camera that still holds the license plate on.

See some OLD Car Pics at the End

Ended up not using My Handmade One

Got This Chrome Job

Unboxing Boss Reverse Camera

BOSS Audio Systems LPC35 Car Rear View Backup Camera - License Plate Mount

How to wire up the camera. Kind of Easy really.

From the camera there are two plugs. The RED for the POWER line, it comes with an Extension cable (#1) that has a red and a black wire, (See Picture Below) they should be long enough to reach the harness coming out of the left or right tail light. 

The Yellow one for Video signal also has an extension cable (#2), it has a SHORT red Power wire coming out of it, it needs to tie into the red wire on the POWER line, that way it can signal the radio that the back up lights and the camera have power going to them. 
So I extended that short red wire (coming out of the Yellow video cable) to make it as long as the red/black wire of the power cable. 

Mount the camera to the License plate and feed the camera’s pigtail into the car.

Attach the 2 extension cables, black into red and yellow into yellow.

So now I have a black and 2 Red wires going the the Taillight harness (passenger side).  

Now I can tap the black into the ground on the “Taillights” harness and
the 2 red wires can be tapped into the Brown Power wire in that same harness, 
or which ever color wire that is pointing to the Back UP light. 
(if the light bulb has 3 wires, it should be the middle one I think)
Therefore when your Impala turns on the back up lights it will also turn on the cameraOnce those are spliced together you are finished with this end.

Note you should remove the 3 thumb screws holding the taillight in place, so you can determine which wire is going to the back up light (mine is brown). 

Now you can run the Video cable to the front of the car. Check your stereo’s instructions to see which wire connects to the red signal wire (mine was actually the Pink wire instead of the more common Orange wire). And plug the yellow RCA plug into the camera IN spot. Now Idn’t that special! We are done son. Far Out Man. Yahoo Mountain Dew!

Here are some Images that may help understand the wiring

Some benefits of adding an After Market Stereo

I bought a cheap $56.00 stereo on Amazon. But I ended up spending about $150.00 with the addons you need.

Well Poop, I RETURNED the $56 Radio to Amazon. Too many things did not work as expected. People on the other end of a phone call could barely hear me.
The Phone mirroring would Freeze up every time I tried to use it. So no OBD2 Scanning. Which was what got me started on this any way.

New Pricing:
Stereo $120.00 with Built in WiFi and GPS  with a 10 inch Tough Screen Android 9.1 and 16GB of storage.
Camera $18.00
Harness with Chimes $40.00
Harness for Steering Wheel Controls $29
I also got a replacement bracket because 4 of the trim’s clip catches are removed with the stock radio. $10.00

I am moving up to a 10 inch Android Stereo. It is oversized but i like the huge screen. I will figure out how to mount it somehow.

The solution I came up with was to cut the brackets that came with the stereo in half, that made the pieces adjustable. See my video and pics below.

Because the larger screen will be overlapping the trim, it will be hard to secure the stereo. So you may want to stick with a 7 inch screen for an Easy installation and more of a factory look.

What you get with this 10 inch Android version 9.1 Stereo:

Has built in WiFi so if you forget to bring your phone… you can connect to your Xfinity Hot Spots.
It has 16 GB of storage built in so you can load lots of APPs and offline Maps to save on Data usage.

Dual cameras, so you can have one for reverse and one on the Dash or even hand held (connects to USB).
It has a built in DVR so you can record while viewing your live camera shot of a UFO (unidentified female object). 

On screen Mirroring: Wifi or you can use a USB cable.
So if you want to send your wife out in the rain with the Phone’s Camera to check under the hood while you are accessing the situation, be a gentleman and make sure she has a long enough USB cable.

Dual Zone: While viewing OBD2 apps like Torque or RealDash you can still hear the music playing in the background.
With a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner you can view your error codes (and see what those codes mean) when your Check Engine Light comes on.
One free app I found that will tell you what the Error codes means is called “Car Scanner”. Go to Google Play Store and search for OBD2 or OBDII there are a lot of APPS to choose from. I leave mine under my dash 24/7. I bought VeePeak on Amazon for $12.99 but you can get them from Aliexpress for under $5.00.

Connect to other monitors, on the back seats or somewhere overhead in the RV.

You can connect a USB flash drive to view or listen to your own files.

You can add a back up camera that will automatically switch on when you put the car in reverse.

And you can still utilize the steering wheel controls that came with your Impala. This is a feature that is part of the stereo. 
But you will need an additional Harness. See images below.

Here is a link to the 10 Inch Android Stereo I bought on Amazon (not an affiliate link).
Binize 10 Inch Ardroid Stereo on Amazon I like it.

How to Mount a 10 Inch Android Stereo in a 2011 Impala

The bracket that came with my Binize Android stereo would make the radio stick out to far from the dash for my taste.  So I had to cut it down a bit. This worked out well for me. The thing about the 10 inch Stereo is that it is Oversized, the car was made for a 7 inch Radio. It is wider than the trim. Therefore you need to snap the the trim in before you secure the Head Unit. 

So the install goes in this order:

The 2 brackets (see video and pics below)
The clip retention frame (and this would not come off the Stock radio)
The 4 mounting screws
Then the 2 screws for the Climate controls
Then you can snap the trim back on
Then you can mount the stereo to the brackets.

Bracket Sticks Out Too Far

These Brackets Are Too Long

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

So I cut them & Overlapped Them

To Make them Adjustable Height

I used 5 MM course tread screws

And NyLock Nuts so it does not slip.

Here I have the Brackets Attached

I am glad I cut the brackets

I think this is a Good Fit

I used a Magnetic Screw driver to attach the Stereo

If you want to Keep your Factory Steering Wheel Controls

I bought a PAC SWI-RC-1 (not the older PAC SWI RC) on Amazon for $28.81 plus tax, it said I was saving $61.18. The low price scared me but it works great.
When installing you can choose Android Radio for the brand name. 
PAC Instructions .

About the PAC: You can use the Mobile APP with the SWI RC1 but not the older version SWI RC (there is a difference). And to check to see if the firmware needed an update I had to use Internet Explorer not Chrome. But it was up to date anyway. (Jan 2021)

When you hook it up correctly you will see a steady RED light. I really was the dumbass and hooked up the A 6 pin instead of the A 13 Pin and it took me hours to figure out. I was so so sure I had the 13. Dahh …

The set of 8 Dip Switches tells the module you have a 2006 – 2013 Impala. On On On 4-Off On On 7-Off 8-Off
The set of 4 Dip Switches tells the module your Brand of Radio. I set mine to Android Radio. – Off On On Off

And at first I hooked up the Red ACC wire, but it really does use Constant Yellow Power. But the Red light goes out when the radio does.

Also the instructions shows that for an Android Stereo, use the Blue/Yellow and/or the Brown going to the Head Unit. But for Kenwood it just shows the Blue/Yellow. If one does not work try the other, I connected both on the 56.00 one and it worked. My stereo, like Kenwood does not use the 3.5 Plug.

Patsy Cline " I Love You Honey " Just Audio


Is the kind I bought

Petty Good Explanation of 3 Brands

SWC - Steering Wheel Control

There are a Few Brands to choose from.

You Do Want Me to Hear Chimes

This is the harness that makes your stereo Plug N Play. It is really worth buying. This will plug into your factory plugs. Our Impalas have two plugs, one is 14 pin and the other is 16 pins (See Pictures Below). You can go without this and hard wire all the connections if you are so inclined. But with this method you can do all the wiring sitting at the kitchen table. Then go plug your radio in the car in about 10 minutes. Later if you want a different stereo it is just Plug and Play baby. 

We need this harness because the stock radio has components that are specific to GM Chevrolet and these aftermarket stereos don’t have them. And if you don’t use this you will not hear the turn signals, or door chimes when you leave your keys in the ignition and other warning sound effects.

And let’s face it, I am an Old Man so I could drive down the freeway for a 100 miles and not know my turn signal is on.

The Beep Beep song by the Playmates

A Harness with Chimes Was A Must for Me.

The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe

Axxcess Works Great

This is the Harness I bought on Ebay for $40.00

Axxess LC-GMRC-LAN-01 Low Current 06-Up GM LAN29
System Chime Retention

(See Pics Above)

Instruction Sheet (English & Spanish)
PDF Instruction Sheet for Axxess GM Lan 29


  • Provides accessory (12 volt 3 amp)

  • Retains R.A.P.) if equipped

  • Used in non-amplified systems or when removing amplified system

  • Retains all warning chimes

  • Small in size

  • USB updatable

This product fits the following vehicles:

  • BUICK Enclave 2008-2012 BUICK Lucerne 2006-2011

  • CADILLAC DTS 2006-2011 CADILLAC Escalade 2007-2012

  • CADILLAC SRX 2007-2009

  • CHEVROLET Avalanche 2007-2010 CHEVROLET Equinox 2007-2009 CHEVROLET Express van (full size) 2008-2012

  • CHEVROLET Impala 2006-2013 Impala Limited 2014-2016

  • CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 2006-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado Pickup 2007-2012

  • CHEVROLET Suburban 2007-2012 CHEVROLET Tahoe 2007-2012 CHEVROLET Traverse 2009-2012

  • GMC Acadia 2007-2012 GMC Savanna Full Size Van 2008-2010

  • GMC Sierra (New Body) 2007-2010 GMC Yukon XL / Denali 2007-2010 GMC Yukon 2007-2010

  • HUMMER H2 2008-2009

  • PONTIAC Trent 2007-2009

  • SATURN Outlook 2007-2009 SATURN VUE 2008-2009

  • SUZUKI XL-7 2007-2009

Metra at Crutchfield.com $50.00

Metra LC-GMRC-LAN-01 Wiring Interface

Impala 2006 – 20013
Impala Limited 2014 -2016

I believe Axxess is owned by Metra so I don’t know why the differences in price.

does seem to have very good customer service and fast shipping. https://www.crutchfield.com/


This Really Works

For Faster WiFi You need to cut the 2 blue WiFi/Bluetooth antenna wires hanging out on the Back Up Camera's Plug

OBD2 Trouble Pairing Jump to 2:20

Well Shit

Still having trouble getting it to pair. No trouble pairing my Cell PH. Binize is sending me an Update.

OBD2 Add On APP Bluetooth PAIR

Well Shits & Giggles

It took me a few tries but the extra app called Bluetooth Pair did make my Torque APP work.
I changed the settings in the Phone App a couple of times but HIT Pair in the BT Pair app and it did the trick. Check Out the Youtube Video.

This is Very Frustrating

If My Android Phone can connect - Then My Android Head Unit Should Connect

I can not get my Android stereo to pair properly with my OBDII scanner.

It connects easy to my Phone, just not the stereo. I contacted the co. Binize. And they sent me a zip file to update the system. But it did not help, in fact now it does not show the Linked/Unlinked Icon, so it is even harder to know if you have a connection. I think all these non-brand radios just copy cat all the plugins so they all have the same problem. But this Bluetooth connection should not be a big deal, it is just a bad plugin that they all copy and pasted into these Android Head Units.

Like I said my Cell Phone works fine. It connects to the head unit to make phone calls and it connects to the OBD2 unit, thru the Torque app on my Cell Phone.

>>> I can do a Bluetooth search and it will find — OBDII (sometimes)
>>> When you click the title OBDII — It says “connecting” but I think it never does.
>>> You can go into Bluetooth settings –
You can NOT change the title BC8-Android. (You think you are changing it to OBDII but when you go back to main Bluetooth page it reverts to BC8- Android) Note: I now understand that BC8 is the versions of Bluetooth. A previous version was BC6.
But you can change the CODE. Default is 0000 but I changed it to 1234 in settings.

UPDATE: It took 2 Weeks but I finally got it to work by following the Youtube video above. Went to Play Store and added “Bluetooth Pair”.
I think the procedure is that you need to go into the Settings of the Phone, click on the green Icon with the letter “P”
and change the code to 1234, and don’t try to change the BC8 Android.
Then go into the Bluetooth Pair APP and click the PAIR button by the OBDII button.
Then open the Torque APP and see if it automatically connects. If not go into settings and check the OBD Devices.

UPDATE: Went back the next day and it did NOT work again. i ordered a couple from AliExpress, both under $5.00. I will try them out to see if they are any different. But for now I will just use my Phone’s Mirror function. It is Android so i can use the Radio to do swiping and button pushing anyway. It may be better to use your phone for connecting to APPs like Amazon Music and Spotify.

Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions
in the database).
Display current sensor data, including:
1.Engine RPM
2.Calculated Load Value
3.Coolant Temperature
4.Fuel System Status
5.Vehicle Speed
6.Short Term Fuel Trim
7.Long Term Fuel Trim
8.Intake Manifold Pressure
9.Timing Advance
10.Intake Air Temperature
11.Air Flow Rate
12.Absolute Throttle Position
13.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
14.Fuel System status
15.Fuel Pressure

Not my Style but Pretty Voice - Impala Song

What The Hell

Night Moves Bob Seger

Far Out Man

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