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A thank you letter to Santa Claus

by Jack

Thank you Rudolph, you are a dear
Thank you Santa, and never fear
I will be good again next year.

I made my special cookies just for you,
I thought you would eat just 1 or 2.

But oh my, how your belly must have grew,
Now that I realize you had 22.

I got worried that you would not make it through,
That rather small and dusty old flew.

I guess I know, that you knew,
that you would dash on, you had a duty to do.

And I can confirm you made it on through,
Cause my friend down the street got his toys too.

Thank you Santa Claus I really appreciate you,
From: Jack
December 26th, 1958

Any old Thank You will certainly do.

You can send Snail Mail To:

Santa Claus
C/O Head Elfetary
Elfetary Dept. North Wing
North Pole, Planet Earth     00000-0001

You can send Santa a letter before and after Christmas

Here above I have provided the mailing address for your letter to Santa Claus. You can write it down or just drag your mouse over it to highlight the letters, then right click and hit copy. Then you can paste it into a text editor.

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Benefits of using an Email.

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This email form was verified and approved by Maxy the Head Elfetary of the North Pole. And this free service is provided by Jack, I wish you all the happiest of holidays.


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