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Five Star Rating - I get the nicest customers.

Amazon 5 Star Review

Please Note: All sales will now go through Etsy or PayPal invoice

Therefore if you ask me to design something from here on my main site. After I send you a mock-up and you approve the piece, I will send you a link to make the purchase.  The link will be to Etsy. If you prefer I can send a PayPal invoice instead. 

Be sure to take advantage of my Free Greeting Cards

I enjoy making greeting cards that match the gift in some way. I think it adds a little something extra. They are full size, printed out of 8.5 in by 11 inch card stock and come with an envelope when you ask for your free card

Handmade in the USA

Everything at Jacks Crafts is made by hand right here in the United States of America, in my home town of Muncie, Indiana birth place of Ball canning jars. 

Solid Pine is our wood of Choice - Sustainable Wood

Timber is usually classified as either hardwood, from broad leafed trees like beech and oak, or softwood from conifers like pine and fir. Simply because they’re replaceable, fast-growing species like pine trees tend to be more sustainable than slow-growing trees like oak. So we use pine for our art projects. I never use MDF it just isn’t real wood to me.

My style of Artwork is Rustic

I make my clocks and plaques or signs to last for many years to come.  Most of my pieces now are carved right out of solid wood. I do some 3D carvings and a lot of 2.5D carvings. 


You can say anything you like.

Hey I am an American so I believe in free speech. So the message you want to convey is totally up to you. I like to make people smile so I try to say something funny like my sign that says “Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers – Rooster” But you can say whatever you feel. For instance: May God’s Grace and Love Watch over you always. Or you may want to say I love you grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or Betty Joe,  Bobby Joe and Billy Joe. Maybe you want to let the world know that you are Junior Samples love child and wife.

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Family name Clocks and signs or plaques with their Established Date are an excellent choice.

Add your personal message FREE of charge.

That’s right, we do not charge extra for the YOUR NAME HERE! So you can choose what ever personal message you like and there will not be any additional charges. You can say “Hi Bill” or if you rather say “Hello William Happy 50th Anniversary” it is still free.

Please Note: to carve on the back side (2 sided) would be an extra charge. 

I have an Etsy Shop

We offer handmade wood signs and plaques personalized with your family name, wedding dates, special occasions. For friends and family or just for you. 

We make it special.
All our gifts are hand crafted in USA.

And you can use PayPal on Etsy.

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